October 03, 2013

Framed project and a winner!

Hi folks! Things are crazy down here... remember my complete morning sickness package? Though days... no sewing, a little cleaning, a little eating and a lot of mess! It has been difficult sewing these days. I selected the fabrics for Framed project, but put it aside and couldn't come back yet.

That's why I thought it should be better open the last link for the next project called "Fresh" on Monday, October 7th. I'll be out of town again and at this time there's no way to bring my sewing machine with me. 
I hope you all understand me... I really hope.

Let's find who is the winner for Framed project! Craftsy randomly chose a winner and the lucky quilter that won a Craftsy class is... Jennifer Altman! Now take a look at her wonderful quilt!

I loved the fabrics Jennifer used on this quilt! Also take a look at the Logan's Halloween theme quilt from  Chocolate Dipped Quilts. Stunning and professional quilting!!! I'm impressed!

Look at those spider's web! Visit Logan and Lauren's blog and get to see all the details on this quilt! No kidding, perfect!

Thank you all for participating! Also loved checking your hard and creative work Gooba Designs, Wendy, Jen and Hildy!

September 30, 2013

Riley Blake Fabric Fest - Part II

Hi there! I'm trying to keep my focus after the trip, but I still have a lot to do around... here are some news: a new baby coming (and a morning sickness complete pack), a new home (packing starting soon already started!), a new trip ahead (less than five days to pack again!), a sick toddler at home (fortunately she is better since I took more than one week to finish and post this!!!) and a lot of little big decisions I've to take every single day (is not different with you, right?).

I have so many pictures to share and little stories to tell... Yet at the first day of the Riley Blake Fabric Festival I visited all the booths and took a further look at all the quilts around and other little stuffs like the one I'm gonna show... with sighs, a lot of them...

Here it is Snug as a Bug collection with these sweet and colorful animals. I couldn't resist and I bought a 10" stacker (Snug as a Bug by Melly and Me for Riley Blake Designs). I used the fabric to make my first project at the class with Jenny Doan from Missouri Quilt Star. Oh, Jenny deserves a separated chapter coming soon...

Embellishments... pretty buttons and ribbons!

More quilts and fabrics...

We had good food too!

Hope you liked the pictures. Next time I'm gonna talk about the classes I had with Jenny, Lori Holt, Andrea Goddard and Amy Smart (from Diary of a Quilter).

September 17, 2013

Simply Retro Quilt Along (Framed project) - Week 10!!!

I'm back from Vegas and ready to keep the quilt along up!!! Did you take advantage of these last weeks and make any project in advance? I hope so! We have two more projects and I'm so excited about them!

Framed is the project for this week, starting today September, 17th and you can submit your link until October 1th!

So, we have a new schedule for the following projects. We ended up extending the quilt along to October, but I think is totally fine as I didn't count on trips like I did last week (to Riley Blake Fabric Festival) when we started the quilt along.

 I bought this charm pack (Oh deer! by Momo for Moda) in the very beginning of the quilt along and I decided I'd be using it on Framed project. I didn't change my mind, so, I'll just add some fabrics from my stash for the big blocks.

Our sponsor this week is... CRAFTSY!!!! And you could win a quilting class from Craftsy! Any class on your wish list? Oh, I have many! This is your chance!

In order to participate please add your link in the end of this post ALSO click in the button below and sign your email up (it will also work if you have a Craftsy account):

Leave a link to your finished project from the tenth pattern called "Framed" from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. It can be any project like a pillow, table runner, wall hanging or even a quilt top or a completed quilt from any size from the pattern. But, remember, only projects from Framed pattern at this time! Entries will be accepted from September 17th to October 1st. 

You'll be participating in the giveaway after you leave your link using the button "Add your link" ALSO after click in the CRAFTSY button and sign your email up. You could win a Craftsy class ! Only one winner will be randomly selected for the prizes! Remember to add your picture to the Flickr group

September 12, 2013

Riley Blake Fabric Festival (Lori Holt) and a winner!

Hi everyone! I've been missing posting on my blog since last week! As I told earlier I was about to go to Vegas to the Riley Blake Fabric Fest and... here I'm! 

I also need to reveal a name to our ninth quilt along week and I'm gonna to do this right in the end of this post... (keep patient!)

I don't even know how to start. I'm thrilled. I have met the quilters I admire so much. I've learned and spent a wonderful time sewing and sharing with quilters from many different places. So, I'll probably make two or three posts about the classes I took at the Festival and share a few pictures.

Let's start with Riley Blake Fabric Festival DAY 1!

Here she is... the sweetest quilter I've ever met... LORI HOLT. And her doll Kassidy.

 I first met LORI at the Shopping Ballroom (with many vendors, all fabric lines and embellishments from Riley Blake ) then I just said: "I love you and your work"! She probably got scared but it just came out of my mouth! Because it's true ;-) I've got so used to see her at the videos doing tutorials that I was feeling like we're friends, hahaha. LORI is so sweet that it couldn't be more pleasant to meet her.

This is a new quilt by LORI HOLT. It had a note attached saying that the pattern didn't come out yet. Are you amazed by this bike? She did a wonderful job! I'm sure the pattern will be a success!

I felt in love with this dress (newest Lori's fabric line, Gracie Girl). I just needed it! And I missed the fashion show when Kassidy went to the runway wearing it. Lori told me she's going to refer to this dress in her blog (pattern from Simplicity).

Adorable sewing machine...

Look at the flower on her blouse. She has a tutorial here.

Oh, I can't eat this cake. Too cute.

My kitchen definitely needs fancy jars like those...

And her popular Millie's dresses quilt.

So friends this is it for today! I've a lot, a LOT, to share and I'll be posting little by little. The Festival has come to the end a few hours ago, but, my family and I will be in Vegas until the end of the weekend.

Now, the winner is... JenGB from PinkDieselDesigns! Please email me with your info. I'm gonna send it to Jodi Nelson from Pleasant Home that will gladly send to you a box full of surprises! 

Stay tuned for the next project from our Simply Retro Quilt Along! I just had to skip this week with my  Sweet Life project and a new post with the open links because of the Festival, but next Monday, everything will be in the right place again! THANK you for participating!

September 04, 2013

Adorn and a winner!

Are you still there? Oh, thank you! Because I know, I wasn't too nice holding the winner's name for this week! Oh, folks, there is a lot going on lately. All of them are good things though ;-) I'm gonna take a time very soon to tell you about it all. Just to not make anyone too curious, one thing is that I'm going to Riley Blake Designs Fabric Fest 2013. It'll be in LasVegas next week! I hope I'm gonna post about that before I leave for this retreat!

Let's focus then... here it's my Adorn pillow. As you may notice all the scraps I used for this project came from some of the previous quilts I've made and most of them came from my latest quilt, Dwell. I did it intentionally because I wanted to match this pillow with Dwell quilt. The set will be given as a gift.

I decided not to quilt the whole panel, so I just quilted the edges of the star with a straight line.

To make this pillow 24x24' as I intended I added a large border on the top and bottom and a skinnier on the sides.

Check more projects made with Adorn pattern from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley, here.
So now, the winner is...

Mom C you're the winner!!! She made a Adorn Christmas Star! Actually I've to say, this girl rocks! I just saw a huge Star quilt top on her Flickr album and she also makes fabulous hats! You're so talented! Congratulations and thank you for quilting along!

LOVE you all quilters! It has been a pleasure having you during the Simply Retro quilt along. It really makes my quilt life the funnest ever!
Keep going with Sweet Life project! See ya!

August 27, 2013

A winner and some Dwell quilts!

Today we have another winner! During Week 7 of our quilt along we had wonderful projects with Dwell (those cute houses) pattern from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. I hope my quilt along fellows don't mind but I just couldn't resist so I'm posting some of them here! All of them are so creative with all kinds of prints and some stunning quilting styles. 

Just take a minute and visit  their gallery on Flickr... don't blame if you spend more time there than you planned. ;-)

So, the winner this week is... Jennifer! Love this cute pillow and all the quilts you've done so far during the quilt along. You're so talented! Congratulations!

Check more quilts here, just click in the pictures in the end of the post!

August 25, 2013

Simply Retro Quilt Along - Week 9 Sweet Life project

Hello everyone!
I'm so excited for this post! And that's why: I've a wonderful stuff to share with you today! Actually, I'm honored that we have Jodi Nelson the talented quilter behind the blog Pleasant Home with us since Week1 of our Simply Retro Quilt Along. She did participate week by week making her blocks for the Sweet Life quilt (the ninth project from the book). Her quilt is just a showstopper! It has an adorable selection of fabrics and it's wonderfully quilted!

 Jodi is generously giving a surprise BOX full of goodies from her SEWING STUDIO for the winner of Week 9 - Sweet Life project! (Can you just imagine that?! I can! ;-)

Pictures of Jodi's quilt - Sweet Life

So, our sponsor this week is Jodi!

And all you need to do is to leave a link to your finished project from the ninth pattern called "Sweet Life" from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. It can be any project like a pillow, table runner, wall hanging or even a quilt top or a completed quilt from any size from the pattern. But, remember, only projects from Sweet Life pattern at this time! Entries will be accepted from August 26th 12:05pm to September 10th 11:55pm. 

You'll be participating in the giveaway after you leave your link using the button "Add your link". You could win a Box FULL of Sewing Stuff from Jodi's studio! Only one winner will be randomly selected for the prizes! Remember to add your picture to the Flickr group

August 23, 2013

Dwell quilt top

Hi everyone! Well, I didn't want start this post explaining why I didn't quilt my top yet... 
But here it's a confession: I'm a  bit scared!  Did you see the gorgeous quilting Angela Walters did on Camille's quilt top in the book Simply Retro? The quilt has lot of swirls on the white area and she used different styles on the houses and even for each part of the houses.

So, it'll certainly take my weekend to quilt this top :-/ Ok, I'm gonna have some fun too ;-)


I'm very happy with the colors and fabrics in this quilt. Most of the fabrics are from previous quilts and some of them I had just enough for some parts of the houses. Playing with I have is always fun ;-)

You've until next Monday to add a link to your finished quilt top, completed quilt or any other project you decided to make using Dwell pattern from the book Simply Retro. I saw some cute pillows on Flickr group made by only one block and it's just the right size and perfect as a gift.

I also added the link for my Dwell top on Crazy Mom quilts, Amanda's blog. Every Friday she has a post called Finish it up Friday. It has been an extra motivation to me, so I'll have something to show with some other hundreds of fellow bloggers! Try it too!

August 21, 2013

Dwell blocks - Simply retro quilt along

Hello friends! I'm just trilled about how my blocks (Week 7) are turning out... I hope I'll have this quilt completed until Friday. It's better work with deadlines, don't you think? I've realized that it works very well for my kind of last minute personality... 

The blocks are very easy to put together. The only thing I noticed is that the fabrics are stretching a lot after piecing,  so squaring each block up to 9x12" it's really necessary.
I also saw some adorable houses on pillow and quilts on Flickr group
Let's quilt along (check the prizes here)!

August 20, 2013

Playground quilt and two winners!

I'm gonna be very short with my post today, but I'm gonna reveal two names for the latest giveaways that ran on the blog! One winner is for Week 6 of our quilt along (Playground project) and another winner is for the Readers Appreciation giveaway!

Before I say the names... here it's my Playground quilt. Oh, gosh , how I'm late this week. Even posting the pictures with some delay I did manage to achieve my goal that was finishing this quilt on Monday. I did it! ;-)

I bought this chevron (for the back of the quilt) some weeks ago at Joann fabrics. I wish I'd have bolts of it ;)

The main fabrics in this quilt are from the collection called Flirt by Sandy Gervais for Moda. One Flirt charm pack  and some polka dots, solids and chevrons from my stash, that's it!


I keep using Pellon Nature's Touch batting. I strongly recommend it!

Like I did in my Baby Love quilt, I quilted Playground with curved lines, quick and cute looking!

The winners are:

Kristin (Gooba Designs) and Debbie (debbiequilter)! Please contact me!
Kristin your quilt is stunning! And big! Congratulations for taking the challenge!

I wish a wonderful week for you all, thank you for participating!