January 31, 2013

The yellow dress

I have been sewing a few baby dresses in the past two weeks. Very slowly but, very exciting process! Some of them are for friends. I am seriously thinking on putting dresses for sale at my Etsy store in the future. As I have only a few I need to make more. I am not sure if I want to produce by order so I prefer having them ready to be shipped (I remember being very busy when I used to make bags with a lot of orders to be done!) For now I just wanna keep calm and carry on! Follow me in this journey... I promise you will not regret and I hope it'll give you some inspiration on your sewing projects too!

This cotton fabric I bought a while ago and actually I bought it with another purpose (I think it was for lining some bag). I'm not sure if the pictures are good enough to show the vintage appeal of this fabric with the yellow a little distressed. I came up with the bow in the process of making the dress and not before that. I am completely pleased. This one is going to be owned by another cute girl, but I am glad I have a model at home ;-)

January 30, 2013

Home decorating ideas

Hi there!

I just wanna let you all readers know that I am still working on the blog. The layout is really cute now but more need to be done. I just loved my new layout and I hope you like it too. I found a web designer with a style that I was looking for, that's just great!

One of the sections I am creating in my blog is about Home Decorating. I will show my favorite picks on my favorite places to buy online or at some  physical  stores. Today I picked some home decorating items at One Kings Lane. I just LOVE buying items for my home on the website (I will certainly show them soon!). The website is clean with handpicked items from the best designers, stores and brands In USA. Every day there are new events that last only a few days. Right now they are launching their Day of furniture event. Sign up there and get $15 off on your next purchase of $30 or more. That's my gift to you!

My picks:

The black and white bedroom:

  Pillow Love, $35
Chobe pillow, $49

Typewriter Canvas, $69

Pillow $35

Poufs & more pillows:
 Teal Pouf, $199
Coral Pouf, $249
Pillow Smile, $25

January 23, 2013

New projects

I am here behind the computer for a few days now... not every day, not many hours straight, but, little by little, trying to change the blog layout, taking pictures, also sewing and reading a lot of craft books... I have others plans for the blog and new ideas. I'm very excited about it, but, patience is my friend right now. It is just a sneak peek. Some baby/toddlers dresses are coming... hope you get excited to see more too.