March 21, 2013

New pillows

Hi everyone! I am back after almost a month in a trip to Brazil! I had rare internet access. But, I also decided to keep myself far away from emails, posts and computer and dedicated my time to my family and friends. Clarice enjoyed some farm experiences and had a lot of fun with the grands, uncles, aunts and cousins. Now, let's talk about pillows!

I've already said that I am dreaming of blues (specially aquas) lately. I can't explain why, but I wish I could bring home everything in blue: sofas, chairs, a whole kitchen! I decided to change things at least in my living room. I got tired of browns and dark beige sofa and pillows without a nice pattern to look at.

I started with these three pillows and I can already feel the changes there! Very exciting actually... Now, I am going to ad dark blues so the decoration will not be too pale. I made the pillows with Waverly fabrics. The prints from Waverly are very cool, I love going to the Joann Fabrics and check the new prints they have got. 

The Waverly fabric (like some decorating fabrics) can be a little more expensive than the regular cotton fabric (wait for Joann 50% OFF sales!), but it worth it. First because you usually get very nice prints on decorating fabrics. Also because, normally, decorating fabrics are more sturdy and totally appropriate to make items such as pillows. Because pillows get dirty easily it should be also easy just to throw the covers into the wash machine or dry clean when recommended by the manufacturer. 

Want change your living room? Start with pillows, I'm sure you will get there!

Waverly Fabrics