May 29, 2013

Fitting and some tips on sewing with patterns

I've a lot to say on this post, so I'll do my best to not be so long. I decided taking some pictures (just to have some fun :-D) while I was fitting this dress I made for myself. As I couldn't ask my two years old to take the pictures, so those are the pics I've got! :-)

I chose a very simple  dress to make inspired in the 1960's  from the book BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern. I bought the fabric specially for this project. It's Carnaby Street  Black Tea from Art Gallery (by Pat Bravo) from a collection totally inspired in the 60's too! Perfect! The instructions in the book are fair enough and the pattern so easy that I couldn't' go wrong, right? Oh, well, not exactly...

When I was drawing the pattern on the paper I realize the patterns in this book doesn't come with seam allowances included. So, I decided to draw a extra 1/4 inch around the pattern. I did it with my regular ruler for quilting, not a curved one. As you can imagine it was very hard (and time consuming) with a lot of curves on the pattern specially on the lining pieces. I probably added a little bit more than 1/4 inch around the pattern, but I thought it should be good having some ease to better fit the dress (first mistake).

While fitting I realized the dress didn't fit well on the back (too large) and the hems were too short (not my fault! kind of...).  I could've avoided this surprise if I had sewing with muslin first as I've learned is the best way to avoid mistakes and also it gives a chance to make some changes before cutting your precious fabric (second mistake :-/) Some patterns will just not fit you perfectly, the pattern companies adopt different size charts for their patterns. Different countries have different charts too.

Here are some tips to not make the same mistakes I did on this one!

1- Take your measurements accurately. Never go for the next or smaller size on your own and use a curved ruler if you need to ad seam allowances on your pattern.

2- Use muslin to test your pattern! Muslin fabric is so cheap, you can buy one yard for $1.99 or less (I usually buy at Joann). Oh, yes I had a lot of muslin, I just underestimated the simplicity of the pattern and thought I was at Project Runway and could sew this dress in no time :-)

3- Don't get frustrated or discouraged with some mistakes you made on the way. If you didn't cut your precious fabric in pieces there is always a way to fix some minor errors. I could fix the hem (too short in my opinion) adding a 1 1/2 inches stripe on the bottom and folding it  to the wrong side of the dress. I got a very nice hem and was happy with my finishing. I also can fix the back (too large) with darts or using a simple belt!

See more pictures of this dress here. Yes, I finished it and it is kind of cute ;-) I also made one for my daughter (same print on green) and she is darling cute on it! I'll be back soon!


May 26, 2013

Dress and hapiness

I'm so thankful for my friends and the wonderful weekend we spent together. We went  to Napa Valley for the third time, but we're never tired to visit this wonderful place.

I know some of you have seen the cute Hawaiian print dress I made for Clarice while ago, but I just had to post some pictures of her wearing it again on this weekend. As she is growing up so fast the dress fits more like a tunic but it's still great on her and nice to wear with pants. She was so happy playing around, running, laughing and so comfortable to do all of this. If you wanna see more of this dress click here. Enjoy this holiday!

May 20, 2013


I couldn't wait to show my latest project ( just finished this last weekend). Actually this pillow was made for a tutorial (published here in Portuguese)  I was invited to write for a Brazilian website called Tanlup. It is an online plataform where hundreds of crafters have built they very own online shop. I used to have an online shop on Tanlup when I used to live in Brazil. I'm so happy for contributing with the website with this tutorial. Very soon I will disponibilize a English version of this tutorial. I'm also very thankful for my husband's support this weekend. He cooked a delicious food while I was surrounded by my scraps :-D

I hope you enjoy this chevron pillow as much as I do. I love the colors... they are so bright, so summer!


May 18, 2013

Free Class at Craftsy - Today ONLY!

Have you heard about Craftsy yet? It's an online plataform you can take classes about quilting, sewing, kniting and a list of other classes. The prices are great and they have the best teachers. I already took eight classes there! Yep! Eight classes! TODAY only you can choose ANY class you want for free! Don't miss out this great opportunity. Once you sign up for the class you'll have the permant access to it, like... forever!


Please tell me if you did sign up for some class! I'd love to know wich one you chose;-)

May 15, 2013

My favorite fabric prints of the week

Every week I'm gonna show some of my favorite fabrics. It is truth that I don't skip one single week checking new fabric collections and dreaming about what I could make with all of them. I'm glad I don't buy everything I like. Could you just imagine that? Oh, I could... :-D Follow me every week and I'll give you some tips on what to sew with some very cool prints and where you can easily buy them online. 

I saw this print (mahogany color) for the first time as a dress made by April Rhodes. Actually her pattern is getting very popular and it has even a flickr group. This print is really great for projects like dresses and skirts. I also would try the aqua background on some home decor items such as pillows or even curtains. Another detail about this print: it is organic. Find the mohogany color at Fat quarter Shop and the Flight mineral color at Fabricworm.


Camp modern organicby Birch Organic fabrics
Probably my favorite-ish lately: Carnaby Street fabric collection by Pat Bravo. I got to know about this collection in February. I was all packed to go to Brazil and stay there for a month, so I put buying some fabrics of this collection after coming back home.  As I came back with a lot of  ideas for other projects I also started looking for some dress patterns that I could make with Ladylike black tea and Ladylike green tea prints. Now they prints are on my hands I've been working in a pattern for a toddler dress and another one for myself. Be patient like me and I'm gonna show you my latest adventure on sewing clothes to myself very soon! :-) I love the retro appeal of these prints inspired in  in London during the 1960's movements. If you are interested in buying or checking the other prints from Carnaby Street collection out click here.
Photo from ArtGallery fabrics

For last, but not least, Chambray Rose Collection by Rachel Ashwell for Treasures for Shabby Chic is just a stunning collection of floral and stripes all in blue with a white background on some prints of the collection. I'm seriously considering making some pillows covers with this simple, but, chic stripes print. This collection is on sale at Fat Quarter Shop (50% off !!!) Hurry!

May 09, 2013

Oh babies...

Right now I'm experiencing a completly different moment than when I was pregnant of my daughter. On that time I only had two pregnant friends that I just met and we could see each other once a while. So, I didn't have too many people to share my ups and downs during my pregnancy.
But now, let me tell you, I have three friends that just gave birth in the past five weeks! Another two friends are going to have their babies in the follow three weeks! Can't you belive that? Ok, this is kind of a excuse to not have done all of my quilt plans and all the baby stuff that is so fun to make and give.
Now combine those cute babies faces with some cute fabrics around designed specially for them? Imagine someone like me (and probably like you ;-D) finding great prices for this kind of fabric? This is the result: someone else's fabric stash is growing...
Here some stuff I have done lately:

Some burp towels and flannel receiveing blankets.

More baby stuff to come with these cute flannels (I just bought at Joann Fabrics last weekend).

Endless cutness... Which one is your favorite?

May 06, 2013

Simply Retro Book & more

Thanks everyone for joining the Simply Retro Quilt Along! I'm also glad for so many people participating in the book giveaway. Please leave your comment here if you do wanna have a chance to win the book (in case you didn't yet!). It will be TWO copies! I also have updated the book giveaway post with new info about sponsors for the next giveaways. The book giveaway will happen on June 1st!

So, I coudn't wait my book coming from Amazon and I bought a copy from Camille's online store ;-) It came on last Saturday and I started thinking about which fabrics I will be using on the projects. I'm glad that I can use scraps for some projects (as you may know, I have a lot!).
It's just a sneak peek... those are my scraps selection for the first project in the book:

I didn't decide yet about  the size of my first quilt from the book, but it will be probably a baby quilt size...
That's it! I'm not gonna show anything else until June 24th! I really count on you to show your projects and share your experiences! Remember, every week after June 24th I'm gonna show my projects and we'll also have a new giveaway(every other week) ! How fun is that?! Looking forward to having you along on this journey!