January 31, 2014

Block 1 - Sugar Block Club 2014

Early this month I got to know about the 2014 Sugar Block Club 2014, a block of the month series by Amy Gibson. Last year I did join the club, but got completely lost with so many things going on. 

This year I decided I'd take the task, no excuses! I had a few reasons to join the Sugar Block Club 2014:
- Like the idea of making blocks one each month. Sounds more like something close to my real life. Something that as I said in the early post I've learned lately.
- I signed up for the BOM 2011 with Amy Gibson by Craftsy. It was when I got to know Amy, her blog and style and felt in love with her way to teach. 
- Loved the blocks sent by email every month last year (even not making them, forget it :-/) and it did come with a treat: exclusive cooking recipes from Amy. Her block instructions were very clear with a nice layout. Love her organization. 

Then... my very first block! Today is the last day of the month but I made the block some days ago. No rush! Real life, remember? haha

However, I'd call this block a big challenge. I started thinking about the fabrics for the blocks almost three weeks ago!! I remember first day spending hours digging on my scraps|stash... oh, yes, I had to pick scraps but I'm adding one charm pack (Covent Garden by Benartex) that I bought some months ago. There are beautiful florals that remember me Liberty of London prints for sure.

The print with black background is from the collection Carnaby Street (2013) by Pat Bravo. One of my favorite prints ever. I made a dress with it, remember?

You're welcome to see dozens of the this block at the Flickr group. Let me know if you've joined in the Club too!

January 30, 2014

Fresh quilt top and a winner!

I'm so into celebrate today! I've a quilt top, folks! (no good pictures though... It has been raining and cloudy these days and I'm still need to explore new spots in my new place to take nice pictures).

I'm excited I've been working in some projects little by little lately. It's better small steps than nothing. It wasn't always like this in my head and I'm still learning about these small steps until I finish something.

I'm making this quilt for a two years old girl and it needs to be bigger than a baby quilt size... so, I'm probably gonna add borders to it.

That was the rule to get a few more shots today. My daughter had to show her little sheep someway, haha

So, very good feeling about finishing the Simply Retro Quilt Along... Yesterday was the last day for entries and we have the winner randomly chose for the Fresh project challenge. And she is... Kim from LilyPatchQuilts !!! Very happy for you girl! Check other projects here.

So, that's not all! I'm planning a  post with all of my finished projects from this quilt along. I'd love to share my thoughts about this experience... Come back soon and thank you very much all of you that hung in there with me during this quilt along. It was a big pleasure for sure! 

January 27, 2014

Flying Kite Block 1 - Wishes Quilt along

I decided to participate in two Quilt along so far (yes, so far) and as you may know we're finishing Simply Retro Quilt along this week (sweet!) hosted by me.

The first one I'm in this year is Wishes Quilt along hosted by Jolly Jabber (Fat Quarter Shop). The quilt along will benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation. You can learn more here also you can make a donation. Kimberly just makes everything easier to follow. Very nice videos and an impeccable pdf of all the blocks (downloadable every first day of each month trough 2014). 

So, it's all about a wonderful cause and that's why this caught my attention. I definitely want to make this quilt with a intention of donating it (don't know yet who will be receiving my quilt, but I'll let God guide me into the right direction to do so :-).

I went to my stash and started with the farm print with blue background first. Then, I chose the prints to coordinate with it. Not that easy though, I really started the process some days ago (sure I had to stop many times).
The grays are definitely not grays in this block! They are greens! I'm gonna try new pictures to catch those colors right!

These are leftovers from this block, many triangles... am I making more blocks? Another quilt with the leftovers? I'm sure I'm not throwing any of these away!

I hope you get excited and join in too! I'm pleased with this block, very fun to make!
In the next post I'm gonna talk about the second quilt along I'm in this year! Stick with me!

January 17, 2014

Yellow pot holder

It has been fun making these potholders lately :-) I'm just not having a lot of time to sew because I've been a full time mom lately. Well, I'm anyways... but, this has been a tough week since my husband is in Brazil because he lost his grandpa. Very tough, but God has given the strength to go through it. My little one wanna all of my attention to compensate the distance of daddy.

As you may note, my binding specially on the corners of the yellow pot holder is much better this time than on the red one. First, because on the yellow one I used the french fold binding technique (mostly used by quilters, I found a good explanation here) instead of the double fold  binding technique (I made the binding like the ones we buy in packages or the ones made with bias tape maker on the red pot holder)

Secondly, because I used this wonderful little tool the wonder clips from Clover. It's a way better than using pins to hold your binding in place just because you're not going to hurt your precious fingers as it happens all the time with pins.

I also forgot to show the back of my latest projects, so here they are. I couldn't pass it since I think the back as much as cute as it is in the the front ;-) Also they are very, very scrappy ;)

January 16, 2014

More blocks - Simply Retro quilt along project

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a blessed week! I have two more blocks from Fresh project for the quilt along. After posting my first block I realized how the center was off! I had almost 700 views on my first block on Flickr when I update the picture though :-/
I think quilting is about that. Sometimes when you really feel bothered with something off in your block is better fix it before getting the quilt done. So, I also fixed my block, kind of hard though, and I know it's because I did not use my 1/4" foot this time. As I started with the regular one I decided to keep with it on the following blocks.

I also realized  that blocks with points to match specially the ones with stars it's better press the rows open. For instance, in this block you have to turn some units around to shape the star (there are four units). As you sew the units some rows are just not going to have opposite seams anyway (nesting seams). So, it's better press it open than get seams going in the same direction and a lot of bulk in the back. Hope you understand. You're welcome to share your thoughts, I'd love to learn some with you too!

As you probably can see I still have some points off here and there, but at list in the center they are OK to my eyes... we learn with mistakes, right?! Now, I'm not that bothered anymore and I can move forward. One more block and I hope have this quilt done next week!

January 10, 2014

Pot holder + cosmetic bag

Hello folks!

Did I already tell you how I love Finish up Friday by Crazy Mom Quilts? I admire Amanda so much for the courage for just setting up a day in the week to show up finished quilting projects. As if this weren't enough she has other posts during the week and her finish ones aren't only small projects. Today she has a quilt made with 3" squares. It is definitely in my to do list since I got the inspiration to make very scrap quilts from the book Sunday Morning quilts (I've written a review about the book).

Here it is, I had only to bind this pot holder today and I did it. For the first time I used the insul-bright fabric to really make this pot holder useful in the kitchen not burning anyone else's hand. Actually, my intention was having it done as a Christmas gift... I also have more five to finish... let's talk about it later ;-)

The little cosmetic pouch was made while ago. I did quilt the cosmetic bag after the piece done with straights lines around the seams. I also have to say that all the inspiration for theses pieces came from the class Quilting-as-you-go: Patchwork Bags with Tara Rebman at Craftsy. I took the class last year but, I'm still completely hooked by the quilting-as-you-go technique. I also made a couple of bibs with the same technique (check it here). 

The only thing I'm not satisfied with is that I didn't get perfect binding on the corners of the pot holder. I also did bind starting from the back to the front while I should have started on the front (have you noticed that?! Hope not!). OK, I'm gonna watch some "binding curved corners" video tutorials so I'll get it more accurate in the next five pot holders I've to finish! 

On the other hand have you noticed the size of the scraps I use on these items? Some stripes are really narrow, 1 ou 1,5" inches wide. I keep all of the little scraps... can't help myself. I keep a little box full of them next to my machine and just pull them out while making small projects like those.

Now is your turn, what you did finish this week?! Have a great weekend ;-)

January 09, 2014

Let's do it! ( Last project from Simply Retro quilt along)

What is worse than the feeling you did not finish something you've started? We all know how easy is get the excitement to start something... for us quilters and sewists there is nothing more fun than going for a new project specially if some brand new fabrics are involved... get it done is another story...

Well, after the storm from last year I'm ready to finish the Simply Retro quilt along. I had so much fun with all of you and your cheerful projects every week last year between June to October.  We had wonderful sponsors and prizes and I know many of you got super excited making quilts with fabrics from your stash and better than that learning and creating through Camille's book/projects.

I've started Fresh project (check the last project from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley). I'm planning having it done as a baby quilt as soon as I can because I'm gonna give it to a little girl on her upcoming birthday. I'm using two charm packs (Honeysweet by Fig Tree).

(see the center totally off in this block?! don't worry I fixed that! I just realized this mistake after posting the pictures).

What about having a giveaway on January 29th, so all of you will have enough time to participate?! Open to blocks, pillows, hanging quilts, quilt top or finished quilts. Each block from this project measure 24", I mean it's huge and you'll make them in no time! I still have this box with six spools of Aurifil cotton threads (stunning colors) to giveaway!

I know many of you are participating on brand new quilt along from this year, but if you are like myself and need to feel successful on this one come along with me!

Go ahead and link your project using the Inlinkz tool bellow. I can't wait to see it!

January 07, 2014

Christmas and other stories...

As I said in the earlier post, I've still more to celebrate than complain. We all have. We should never complain. But, we do. But, we should never, that's it :-) Even during those ups and downs I did enjoy some unique moments with my family and friends. Here there are a few stories...

We had Christmas cookies few days before Christmas and it was so fun to make it with my 3 years old daughter. Even funner was hearing her saying "I wanna make "jingle-bed" cookies", instead of gingerbread cookies! (We made them again today. I think you're going to make them all year long... that's why no icing!)

After a wonderful Christmas celebration at the church we went to some specials friends's house (Ju & Robson). They prepared a wonderful party for a few friends. We felt privileged. We shared love and smiles. We shared the love of Jesus. It was unforgettable.

I even got a present from Santa Claus.  ha ha ha I mean, HO HO HO

In the next day, we made a gingerbread house (first time ever, memorable eh?!). We ate it with hot cafe late at Starbucks. Yummy...

Clarice had her first ski class ever (look for the tiny pink dot in the picture). I wish I could watch it closer, but I was so afraid to fall down on the ice  . She still remembers how to do "pizza" with her feet. Very cute.

Others stories to come...

January 05, 2014

Coming back... finally! And some pillows!

I don't know how to start this post. I'm not sure if I can write in English anymore :-/ How scary? I have no choice, I just need start, restart. I count on you and your endless patience.
After finding I was pregnant I got so sick, morning sickness, all day, every day, for weeks then months. I ended up dehydrated. With so much fight trying to eat I did lose some pounds and my motivation also became so little I didn't wanna cook, sew, quilt, blog or anything like that. It was hard having to stop everything also the quilt along that was going so well.

I also moved out, lots of boxes, lots of work and a few hands to help. I was so blessed my mom crossed the America to help me with that.

OK, now the good awesome news. I'm 24 weeks pregnant. It's a boy. I feel great. I can eat tons if I want. I've been eating tons lately. ;-) I have a new home, beautiful and big. I don't deserve all of this. God is just wonderful. I feel small and I am, but He is great and BIG in love and mercy.

Thank you all for the kind messages. I appreciate each of them. I also appreciate your visit even when I was not here.

I've a lot to tell. I'll save some for the next posts, so I'll have a excuse to post more often. My computer is also not helping much lately. But, I think a new one is coming very soon ;-) so happy.

These are some pillows I made for my new place. Blue is my color, you already know.
Have a blessed week ;-)