April 22, 2014

English Paper piecing - Hexagons and a Kitchen Towel

Hello! Are you surprised to see me around? Well, me too! 40 weeks pregnant, my friends! Can you imagine how anxious I am?! The only certainty I have right now is that, I'm definitely learning to be more patient... God knows what lessons we need to learn.

Talking about quilting, I've learned some new techniques too! I've to confess, I've never made anything with hexagons before. I had a click when re-watching some classes on Craftsy few weeks ago. Sewing at the machine in the first weeks of my newborn is a very ambitious thing to plan,  but I do need to keep my hands busy while he's naping or just quiet (Am I too optimist?)... actually making hexagons now have helped me to keep my mind busy while waiting for his arrival. 

I started my newest adventure printing some hexagons templates. I printed them on card stock paper. It's totally worth it as I'm using the templates for the second time. Even perforated by the needle, they still working great. Find some free templates here (many sizes available) also here. I used the 1 inch (measurement on each side of the hexagon).

I have a tip to share. The mini charm packs or the Moda candy as they are known are PERFECT to make 1" hexagons! Each collection come with 42 2.5"x 2.5" squares. All you need to do is to cut each corner of the square then wrap each new shape on the paper and sew them by hand.

As each mini charm pack come with 42 squares I could make six Grandmother's flowers garden blocks with no waste of any square. Score!

I decided to applique two of the flowers in a flour sac towel I bought at Amazon while ago. The set came with seven towels, perfect to make some for you as well as to give some as a gift. As my mom is here (Yuuupi!) I asked her to crochet a simple border on the edges of the towels. It turned out to be so cute... (I've more coming in different colors).

I decided to use my machine to applique instead of doing it by hand. I think you agree the kitchen towels go a lot in the washing machine. I chose the stitch bellow (showed in the left side of the machine's screen). It also turned out great and almost invisible to see from a distance.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and get excited to make some hexagons! Do you have a stockpile of mini charm packs like I have?! Go for the hexagons!  It's also relaxing and addicting!

I've just linked up my post on WIP Wedsnesday hosted by Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Go to see what everyone else is making this week!

April 15, 2014

Presence - Sugar Block Club (block 4)

Hi everyone!
I'm still here... I'm still pregnant! 39 weeks to be exactly. I had times last week I thought the baby was coming, but, he's hanging in there ;)
I made this block last week and I was planning to make posts in advance, but concentration is being hard lately. So, if you don't see me here... you can wonder where I'm!

What do you thing about this block? Particularly this is the one I'm completely in love with. It was so easy to put together and it's very charming. I could definitely make a whole quilt of it. As much as I work with the fabric on the center - from Carnaby Street collection (Pat Bravo) -  more pleased I'm with my choices of fabrics for the blocks.

If you haven't heard yet, this is the fourth block from the quilt along by Amy Gibson, a BOM for members of the Sugar Block Club. Again, her message for this month, "Presence" , is very inspiring and the tutorial for the block so easy to follow. Get to learn more about the quilt along here.

Hope see ya soon, with the greatest news!

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April 09, 2014

Broken dishes Block 4 - Wishes Quilt along

Time for one more block for the Wishes Quilt along! This is the fourth block of the series and I'm getting excited to see my blocks done. (Check others blocks here).

Well, not much to say, very easy block! Make a few half square triangles and... ta tah! You've a nice and crisp block!

I ended up with a more scrappy look  because I couldn't pass some big triangles leftovers I had from block 1
You can check Kimberly's block and free pattern here. It's the perfect block for beginners! Get even more inspiration on Flickr's group. Also if you have a blog and wanna share your block feel free to leave your link in the comments. I'd love to see!

I linked up this post about my WIP Wishes quilt in WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced, Lee's blog! I also linked it up in Needle and Thread Thursday hosted by Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation.


April 07, 2014

A dress in no time

Why the kids are the happiest people in the world? In a few words, just because they are simple, easy to please and  they don't judge (well, I hope my daughter will be like that for a while, until become a teenager? probably...) .

I grabbed less than a yard of this fabric (0.6 of a yard to be precise) at Joann last week. Have you ever seen this kind of fabric before at Joann? Well, I have spent one third of my life there and never saw it before. It already comes with elastic on the top, finished hems and more: with "little pony" print, the latest obsession of my three years old (but you can find tons of cartoon's print there). I only needed to close the back and to make straps, so the dress won't go to her knees in the first jump she'll surely do after wearing it.

Sometimes we just need the easiest project ever to start our day. I got so happy I made those straps in no time that I ended up making two blocks after I finished the dress. I guess I also was feeling easy to please today. Well, no kid and husband at home also help sometimes... 

I wish you get inspired and choose a very easy project to start your week like I did :)

 I also took pictures of some roses from my little backyard. I'm so glad it was raining some days ago because I'm not good taking care of any flower or garden. The nature made the job for me like the fabric I bought ;D  It's awesome when we can get some job already done. Just sometimes...