August 29, 2014

Big hexagons Quilt, a few stories and lots of pictures!

Once upon a time... what I have to tell is almost a fairy tale. Everything began last year, at Vegas, Riley Blake Fabric Fest 2013 (post I and post II)  What? One year ago?

There I had a chance to meet some of my fairy godmother quilters: Lori Holt, Amy Smart, Jenny Doan. If you are wondering, yes I took pictures with them, of course hahaha (I'll show you even I'm not good at the pictures, not-at-all ).

Well, I had two classes with Jenny, one of them was about learning how to make big hexagons with the 10" Hexagon Template by Natalie Dawn.

That's the story, one year later (this week), I found my hexagons rows crying to be put together in a bag. Oh well, with three baby showers coming I do think I need some baby quilts.

At the time, we should bring one layer cake for the class. I chose Snug as a Bug which came with 18 different 10" prints if I remember well (I added only two hexagons from my stash). When I finished sewing the rows I realized the top wasn't a good size and actually it was too rectangular. So, I added borders in different sizes for each of the two sides then I got more balanced shape.

I really think this quilt is perfect to be used as a play mat (it measures 31x38"). I also think it could be used on the floor as a rug. Kids like a little cozy spot to play with their favorite toys on the floor.

I made the back of this quilt the same way I made the back of my Flutter quilt, very improvisational and trying to use fabrics the size they were in my stash without cutting too much. This time I spent more choosing fabrics for the back than I wanted. Even though, I had some fun choosing prints that would complement the front of the quilt in term of colors (most of the prints came from my 12 Lbs Fabric Grab Bag, again!)

My experience quilting was not that great... I did some double loops (is it correct?!) but, I don't know, my hands just couldn't do a more round shape until when I was about to finish it.  I think after being washed the quilting will have a better look overall.

Ok, as I promised the picture with Jenny Doan and two of her daughters right bellow. They were so incredible sweet and patient with me at the class. I was having the worse morning sickness ever. :-(

Jenny is a wonderful teacher, everyone should watch one of her classes in videos at least once in life. I'm talking to quilters, of course!! Jenny told a lot of funny stories during the class. I was always confused if I should listen her stories or sew a bit, haha She is energetic, a passionate quilter, always laughing and encouraging students. Quilting is her life, no doubt about it.

So, after class in the last day of the Fest my husband showed up in his flip-flops (no comments, please hahaha) from the pool from the hotel where the Fest was being hosted and took some pictures of us which I could save only this one to show you... why husbands never take good pictures of us?!! Never mind... 

Ok dear daughter, time to get out of this little quilt. It will be wrapped to make a gift for some new princess coming soon.

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August 27, 2014

More with Hexagons - WIP and Swap!

I started making my first hexagons last Spring before my little boy was born. I made a bunch of them with some pretty fabrics and I did aplique them on some kitchen towels. You may wanna check some links I shared with free hexagons templates in my popular post: English Paper Piecing - Hexagons and a Kitchen Towel.

These other bunch down here were made using one single mini charm pack of Scrumptious collection by Bonnie & Camille.

I must admit that when I started making these hexagons I didn't have any plan in mind. But, I think I've found a nice purpose for them! I just joined the newest swap in the block: Stitch It Swap! During the first round we are gonna swap sweet zippy pouches. It has been organized by Jennifer from Ellison Lane and Lindsey from LRstitched. Check more about the swap here!

I already got to know who will be my partner and I think these hexagons could make a nice pouch for her. Don't you think?

Stay tuned! It'll be nice that I'm gonna sew something that I haven't lately. As you may know I used to sew a lot of bags before I started quilting and I think it is time to come back to the roots a little bit! If you wanna check some bags I've made in the past click here and even more on Flickr.
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August 22, 2014

Three blocks - Wishes Quilt Along

Hi friends! I hope you're having a wonderful week! I made some progress with my blocks from Wishes Quilt Along. After my little boy was born in April I took a long time to adjust my routine again. You now I had my mom here for a long time and I got used to have a lot of things done (who wouldn't? haha).  I miss her so much, just because she is my oldest friend I can count on her on everything I need... well, I should stop before I cry. ;-)
Anyway, it's also good to have the house, the kids and the hubby to take care all by myself again. It feels like a new start.

About the blocks, I liked them a lot, the process of making them, so easy cutting and piecing. The only thing that is bothering a bit is a tendency I've to choose old fabrics when starting new projects. I almost feel like the oldest daughter should always get married first! hahaha Do you understand me? So, I'm always putting on hold fabrics that I just added to my stash. Then, the vicious circle just keep going on, my new fabrics are just waiting in the bins to get older and to be used someday in the future...

Sigh... I just wish I could execute more of my projects in a near future then, I could get to enjoy more my stash.
Do you have this habit? Do you always have a project in mind when buying the latest fabric collection in the market? I'd love to know! But, keep reading I have another bad habit :-/

Besides I'm using old scraps, I've the worse habit of not measuring my fabrics to find whether I'm gonna have enough for the project. Really? Yes, it sounds like I love taking risks... and I really do. But, the result of it is not always fun. Notice my background... I just couldn't find the same light blue I started my blocks with. Now, I have this darker blue and I need to figure out how to get the best of the blocks distribuiting them nicely in my top when I've all the blocks for this quilt. Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated about this adventure ;-)

If you wanna make these blocks and get to learn more about Wishes Quilt Along, click here. There is still time to make the blocks for a very cute quilt. It's also a project with a beautiful cause leaded by Kimberly and the Fat Quarter Shop team.

As always, thank you for stopping by!

August 19, 2014

Fat Quarter Style Book - winner!

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed my earlier post showing the quilt I made using the pattern called Flutter from the book Fat Quarter Style by Fat Quarter Shop team.

This was my selection of fabrics for the quilt, so check the quilt out clicking in here or just scroll down the page.

I wanna thank you all for the sweet comments about my quilt. I convinced myself this quilt definitely could work either for a boy or a girl. It was also very fun reading about what you are making right now. I'm happy to hear many of you are working on projects that needed to be finished!

I hope you all come back to see my next projects. I also enjoyed making this quilt requested by Kimberly and her team. It was an honor, no doubt about it.

The winner of the book is ... Joyce Carter! Congratulations! I've just sent an email asking your address.
Thank all of you for participating!

Joyce Carter said...
Thank you for the giveaway. I love your little quilt. It looks just perfect in your little boy's room.
Right now, I am quilting some tops that I made during the past year.

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August 13, 2014

Fat Quarter Style Quilt and a giveaway!

Hi friends! I've missed my corner so much! And I've many, many stories to tell... well, I went to Brazil to my brother's wedding and instead of carrying gifts to him, I carried a fat quarter bundle, rulers, a rotary cutter and my Fat Quarter Style book! hahaha Ok, I brought gifts to my brother but, I had an extra mission: Fat Quarter Shop team asked me to make one of the quilts of their brand new book.

As I had my trip scheduled  I chose the fabrics for this quilt in advance (a bundle of Cloud Up Parasol by Heather Bailey). I had everything planed... hummm, it doesn't sound like me...
Well, I cut this bundle in my mom's house drinking lots of brazilian coffee (best of the world, right?) and eating (more than I should) some fresh sweet breads my brazilian favorites from the bakery just downstairs in my mom's building. Then, I realized I wasn't satisfied with my background choice (too white)... then, I sewed a few pieces. Then, I came back home without a plan and tons of laundry to do!

I heard another day that the "best ideas come in the last minute" (Ok, I heard it in the last Project Runway episode) then I tought: "hummm, now it really sounds like me"!!! I went to my stash, pulled out some fabrics and made this quilt in no time!

Pattern called Flutter

Sounds a perfect story right? But, it is not. Oh well, no plans isn't actually good all times. Why? Well, I wanted a crib size quilt and as I finished cutting the gray background I realized I needed just a few more squares, just a few more!!!! Plans changed again, I had to go for a smaller size (baby size? It is 36x36" finished).

Happy end? Oh YES! I'm very very happy with the colors combination. Do you know where these fabrics came from? Remember my Grab Bag by Fat Quarter Shop? That's why I like these bags so much!!!

I just can't decide if it is more a girl or boy quilt. I took those pictures in my baby boy room. Actually I just rearranged the room and now my both kids are sharing the room. It has gray as the major color. I think this quilt could work in a room like that perfectly. It is not too girly, but also it could be a boy quilt. What you think?

For the back I just used the leftovers from the top and quickly I came up with this layout. My husband said he loves the back. Thanks for making my day hubby!

Now, is your turn! Wanna make a lovely quilt from Fat Quarter Style book? Leave a comment for a chance to win one copy and you'll have 12 unique quilt patterns to choose from! Tell me a bit about what is the next quilt you are planning to make or the one you're making right now!

I garante you that win this book is easier than to choose a pattern from the book. All of them are beautiful, constructed by big and bold blocks. I loved it. Really.

Don't miss the chance!(winner will be announced August 18th). Also visit other bloggers participating in this tour! Here is the schedule:

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