October 31, 2014

Night Sky QAL - winner and first row finished!

Today I'm gonna share the first eight blocks for my Night Sky quilt. If you wanna know more about the Quilt Along that is just starting this week please read this post. The goal is to finish one row per week during seven weeks then we'll have our completed top early in December. I'm making this more random version using three bundles plus some other scraps. My second version (wait to see some blocks next week) will be made with Miss Kate fabric collection. It's really crazy but, I couldn't resist making two versions with this pattern :-)

This is the first time I'm using some dark colors in a quilt. I was for years always very comfortable using black and darks on my bags. I think it's really working in this quilt so far. I plan to use more aqua in future blocks to get more balance. I also think that I'm gonna avoid more of this yellowish green. It works for inside the blocks but not really well as a background for the stars. I do appreciate your opinions too!

Don't forget, on Instagram use #nightskyqal Also share your pics on Flickr group.

Next week I'm gonna share our prizes for the Quilt Along! Our sponsors have really good stuff to giveaway. All you need to do is enter your WIP! It doesn't matter if it's just a block or more, I do count on you!! Entries will be open in a couple of weeks.

Now, I've a winner for the Night Sky pattern that will be send by Fat Quarter Shop!!!

Jackie Thompson who said (about how she chooses fabrics for her quilts): "I like to use fabrics coordinated by a more masterful eye, but I am comfortable straying from the placement and exact color scheme of the pattern".

Please Jackie, contact me as soon as you can! You're a not reply comment blogger and didn't leave your email either. I do appreciate your participation and I'm hoping you get back to me! I only could sent to you a message on Google plus.

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Please visit my sponsors to get your pattern, also some fabrics and threads if you need! 


October 28, 2014

WIP - Night Sky Quilt Along - blocks

I'm so glad the blocks for my Night Sky quilt are going so fast! I don't like to cut all pieces for the whole quilt at once. Cutting everything just seems to take a big part of the fun away, so I'd rather cut enough for one or two blocks them I go and sew them (update: never mind! Now I'm like a mad woman cutting as much as I can and sewing. I was putting too much thought and taking a lot of time deciding which print for each block, but not anymore). Oh well, I know each one have its own way to quilt and sew ;-)

I've mixed two collections to make this quilt (read more in my earlier post). I think the fabrics are working very well together. The bundle with more charcoal prints did scare me a bit. I love the whole bundle, but I wasn't sure when I'd make something with the dark prints. So far, I like the romantic and dramatic feel the prints from Sunshine Rose  and Au Revoir Cherie bring to the blocks.

If you're just reading this post, please learn more about the Night Sky quilt along that just started this week. Every week I'm gonna share my progress on making this quilt. Today I've just a sneak peek, but this Friday I'll be sharing all of my blocks for the first row of this quilt. One row per week! There is also a giveaway running right now, don't miss the chance to win one copy of the Night Sky pattern!

I also wanna suggest the bundle that Alyssa owner of Pile O'Fabric has put together to make Night Sky quilt. It's a very pretty bundle you just need to check it out! I personally told her I'd rather make this quilt with her KIT, but at the time I got to know I had already made my choices and ordered my fabrics.

All of my sponsors are packed with inexhaustible fabric collections to make this quilt. Browse their websites:
Fat Quarter Shop
Fort Worth Fabric Studio

or as I always say, just go to your stash!

Thanks for stopping by today!

I've linked this post at Freshly Pieced by Lee also at My Quilt Infatuation by Kelly.

October 24, 2014

Night Sky quilt along- 1st Giveaway! and finished blocks

Giveaway on this post, open to all readers! Scroll down!
Here they are, my very first blocks for my Night Sky quilt. If you're just landing in here, learn more about Night Sky Quilt Along that we're going to officially start next Friday, October 30th.

I initially planned to make two versions of this quilt, one very scrappy (and I mean very randomly process, pulling scraps out from the scrap bin without thinking too much) and another version with a fat quarter bundle. For the blocks I'm showing today, I couldn't help myself and I mixed up two fat quarter bundles, but the green fabric was added from the scraps (check this post and see closer pics and details about these collections)!

For the second version I'm gonna use only one bundle, and that'll be... Miss Kate by Bonnie&Camille! If you agree with me, this quilt will look very scrappy with any choices of fabric. Now I know for sure why I couldn't resist this pattern :-)
Well, I'm so glad I finished these blocks today! I was very anxious to find if my choices would be good to my eyes... and they are.

To warm things up, let's have our first quilt along Giveaway! Today Fat Quarter Shop is giving one copy of the Night Sky pattern!

To participate just answer: Are you always comfortable making a quilt by choosing fabrics on your own or you prefer to make it with the same fabric selection as shown on the pattern?

Get one more entry (optional) promote it in any other social media. Leave an extra comment in this post and  the link. (on Instagram use #nightskyqal)

Important: This giveaway is OPEN to all readers, no exception. Yay!!! Winner will be randomly chosen next Wednesday, October 29th.

Remember, you still have time to buy your pattern and to choose your fabrics. But, get ready and let's have some fun on the way! Check these shops and get your pattern. Also go to Pile O'Fabric and check the complete KIT to make this quilt that Alyssa, Pile O'Fabric owner has especially prepared for this quilt along! 


October 22, 2014

Night Sky - Quilt Along

I'm so happy to announce that I'm gonna host a new QUILT ALONG! Oh well, you can imagine the work that need to be put on something like that. I was very reluctant (for about a month!) and at the same time I knew I'd make this quilt anyway. Since Camille Roskelley relesead Night Sky pattern one month ago or so, I immediatly bought it and contacted her asking if she was Ok with a quilt along on my blog using her pattern. Camille said "YES" and she even said she'll spread the word on her Instagram too. If you are new here, I hosted my first Quilt Along last year, and we made quilts from her second book Simply Retro. We had a blast!

Why this pattern? It looks fantastic, it has stars, it can be made using tons of differents combinations, bundles or scraps. This is a very happy pattern. That's why! (plus love Camille's designs, she's blessed, she's an inspiration... anyone with me?)

What you need? If you wanna join me you need to buy the pattern. We'll have some awesome sponsors and they are stocked with the pattern, just waiting for you. All the links will be available in the end of this post.
You also need FABRICS, of course! Stash anyone? If you follow me you may know, I love to work with scraps, I've no fear on mixing stuff up, but I DO buy bundles and I DO use them! I'm very willing to make two versions of this quilt. One using scraps and another one with a fat quarter bundle. Working with fat quarter bundle is definitely an exercise to me and I'm so open to do that!

When? This upcoming Friday (October 24th)  I'm gonna show you some blocks, just to tease you a little more if you are still undecided about joining in. From there, every week I'm gonna show my blocks with you for 7 weeks! Offically the quilt along will go from October 31st to December 5th.

How it is gonna work for YOU? I know, we're getting to the end of the year, Christmas gifts, WIPS, life stuff, babies, family, A LOT. What I suggest is making this quilt by ROWS! This is a 64"x80" twin size quilt. There are 7 (seven) rows, 44 blocks total. Seven rows, seven weeks, at least in theory it seems it'll work just beautifully! Let's make it work!

Ok, you need more to jump on this? There will be some PRIZES! I'll keep all the candies until mid November so we'll have more than a couple of weeks to link our WIPS. To participate in the giveaways you need to link a picture of your WIP on Instagram, Flickr or on your Blog. 

On Instagram use

On Flickr:
post your pics on Thimble Blossoms group.

Look for the Night Sky pattern on these online shops:



Need fabric? Alyssa the owner of Pile O'Fabric put together this fabulous bundle inspired by the fabrics that Camille used in her quilt. Daysail collection will be released only in January, so Alyssa was very smart with this one. Check it out!

We'll have some Aurifil threads to giveaway to participants too! To be announced in a few weeks! Stay tuned!

We also we'll have some other quilters showing their WIP's in the end of November during a blog hop! I'm still inviting and waiting some responses but we already have some fabulous participants! If you're interested in participating also in this blog hop, contact me!

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you've any questions, please, don't hesitate to email me!
Have a wonderful day!

October 14, 2014

Quilty Fun Birthday!

Today Lori Holt is celebrating one year of the release of her first book Quilty Fun! Some friends were invited to make the cake block that Lori has created specially for this celebration. So, come and join us, you're very welcome to the party!

I was very very happy with this invitation. I can say that from the bottom of my heart just because I truly admire Lori since day one I found her blog. It was about one and a half  year ago to be exact. At that time I also found that Lori would be teaching in Riley Blake Fabric Festival in Vegas five months later. It was also very close to the launch of Quilty Fun in 2013. I signed up for the festival and the class. I was so anxious to meet Lori and have my first class with her. 

She might remember the first time I saw her on her booth with my big camera, took some pictures (don't remember if I asked permission, hahaha) and I shout: "Love you Lori"! Sorry for scaring you that day Lori! hahaha

After that we took a few more pics and chat a little bit during the class and in the last day of the event. She was so sweet and kind checking on me how I was feeling (I was three months pregnant and feeling so terrible, had all the classes with fever, oh boy).

For my block I first chose Vintage print by Jeni Baker for the background. I'm still not sure if I love it, but, I tried so many backgrounds and always came back to this one. It remembers me confetti! And for the cake I was planning to use all the fabrics from the same collection, but as I'm scrap lover I had to choose fabrics from different collections, some of the prints you can see more on this post.

Lori is also giving YOU a free pattern of her cake block! Just click here!

So, Lori, to you that call everyone "cute people" but indeed is the cutest quilter I've ever met I wish all the success, all the blessings from our Father. Because you're humble and kind you've conquered admiration from so many quilters like me. Love you as a person. Love your hard work translated into cute patterns, great books and inspiring fabric collections.

My favorite projects from the book Quilty Fun by Lori Holt:


                                     Wanna give yourself this awesome book? Buy it here!

The party also keep on going on some other awesome blogs (check the list on Jolly Jaber blog by Fat Quarter Shop the Quilty Fun publisher)! And thank you so much for stopping by today!

October 08, 2014

Two Blocks - Wishes Quilt Along

I finished more two blocks for my Wishes Quilt Along quilt. I enjoyed a lot making these blocks (Dove in the window and Idaho Beauty). They turned out bright and fun ;-)

I hope they give you some inspiration to make this quilt. If you're fast and don't have a lot of commitments just jump on it! It'd make a wonderful Christmas gift!  See my previous blocks in this link. Also see the finished quilt made by Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop

The tutorials to make the blocks for this quilt are absolutely free, but if you decide to donate any amount you'll benefit the Make Wishes Foundation (more details on Jolly Jabber blog) It feels good helping other people and making what you like the most, doesn't it?!

I've linked up this post on Freshly Pieced, WIP Wednesday!

October 06, 2014

Pouch for Stitch it Swap

Today is the last day to send the pouch for our partner from the Stitch it Swap group. I always loved the swaps online but, I hadn't a chance to participate on many. I was very happy to inlcude my name just in time for this swap. I have seen a-ma-zing pouches on  Flickr group.

I had a plan to make my pouch with some hexagons which I'm still making, but thanks I always have plan B. With a baby we always need to have a list of plans, actually. But, I'm very happy to send this pouch for my partner. I made this set a while ago, but I think it perfectly fits on this swap. It's lined with velvet, it looks modern, feminine and cute in my humble opinion ;-). I hope she likes it as much as I do.

The case can be used in many different ways: as a makeup case, as a sewing tools case or as a pencils case.

And you know what? Before I finished this post the mailman just left a package at my door! Yes, what a coincidence! My partner is Anne!
She also included some goodies that I just loved. A tape with quilting blocks print and a stitcker booklet of quilting blocks! So cute! Thank you Anne! My week just started awesome! How about yours?

October 01, 2014


It was supposed to be a long post with lots of reflexions about quilting. I decided to just keep working in that post and show two of my work in progress quilts.

The first one is Fresh and it has been waiting for a long time to be quilted. I started it probably five weeks ago and just yesterday I came back to the quilting. But, the top, I started early this year!

Second one is Flutter and this is my second version of this pattern from Fat Quarter Style book. My first version was a small size that was put together so quickly. This version is bigger. I started with lap size and decided to turn it into a twin size (68"x84")

I love the collection I'm using to make Flutter and can't get over it. All the prints are stunning no exception.
I hope I'll have more of them soon. All finished quilts!


Do you have a WIP? Have you put any deadline to finish it up quickly?
(I've linked this post on WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced)

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